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Privacy Policy

Outing Tayo uses cookies to collect information.

Collection of information are dependent whether you are:

  1. Visitor/guest – you provide us log information such as IP address, operating system version, service provider, mobile operating system and service provider, screen resolution, browser cookies and duration of your use
  2. Member – on top of the information provided above, you also provide us your name, business address, email address, land line and mobile phone number.

Information you provided will be used:

  1. To provide better service to you and audience of the site.
  2. To advertise the site and its content in different marketing medium (traditional and online social networking)

We use secure server provider to protect your information. However, we have no control over any activity you perform when you leave our site. Our site offers ad listings  as well as link to third party websites and by clicking on these links, you effectively leave our site.